What is the best way to wear your Fanny Pack as we say goodbye to 2019

What is the best way to wear a Fanny Pack?

 We have listed the top 3 ways to bring sexy back!

  It was once one of the top accessories in the late 80’s and early 90’s.  Gone but not dead, society has resurrected the fanny pack.  Why not, it combines practical use and iconic fashion.  There are few living today that haven’t seen a fanny pack in some form.  This once was a polarizing accessory that brought fun to every enthusiast. 


Whether you are going to a festival, quick stroll in city, or just wanting to stand out – the fanny pack is the perfect partner.


So now what you have all be waiting for, the top 3 ways to wear your fanny pack.

  • Across the front of your body. - This is cool, safe from pocket pickers, and can show your true style.  We also like this position of the fanny pack because you can easily showcase your favorite brand. This is especially helpful as you walk to your favorite Yoga class.  Wink Wink- EnvivaCor has some pretty cool designs 😊



  • Around the waist. - This traditional way is perfect for events because you can see anything that might come your way. Waist belts are popular for practical everyday use. If your local Yoga studio doesn't offer a storage are, feel free to leave keys and other items in it for safety.   Don’t be alarmed when you find that different situation will call for different orientations.  Sometimes you might wear it directly in the front, while other times it might be off to the side. 



  • Over the shoulder and around back. - This is a very trendy way to show your swag while keeping your favorite items safe.  Ideal if you are skateboarding, biking, or going for a jog.  Perfect for those that love the idea of backpacks but are not quite into them.  Over the shoulder and around back is surprisingly comfortable and during those cold winter months can easily be concealed under your favorite jacket.





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