-Fast & Fierce versus Cute & Cuddly-

This might seem like an easy question to answer but the reality is that this decision requires an introspective look.

From the dawn of time it’s been a dog eat dog world.  Nature has never been one to show pity to those that are not fit enough to exist. Hence why some species go extinct, while others flourish seemingly unaffected by the elements.

As mother nature progresses, so does humanity and we begin to self-identify with certain groups. To discover a deeper knowledge of oneself, our Envivacor Tribe was asked one very important question.  Which characteristics do you feel more connected to?  Those of animals that are Fast & Fierce or Cute & Cuddly.   To our surprise, the poll results came in @ ---60% F&F  / 40% C&C --

 In the wild, fast and fierce animals are the ones that embody strength, courage, and strike fear into their prey.  This group is always at the top of the food chain because their mental and physical attributes are gifted by millions of evolutionary years at work.

Let’s be real, who doesn’t want to be the envy of the animal kingdom…   When it’s survival of the fittest, being quick and strong can ensure they are standing at the top of the mountain.  They are almost guaranteed a haven for offspring to mature and not having to carry the worrisome burden of where the next meal might be coming from.


On the opposite side of the spectrum awaits the cute and cuddly pack.  With quiet steps, small teeth, big eyes, and not wanting their presence known -is the group that most in the animal kingdom often try to avoid.   With such fragile characteristics, how can this group possibly survive and thrive in the wild? 

They are born at a clear disadvantage as they are always being hunted as a tasty meal for the fast and fierce predators.   At some point they wonder why it wasn’t them that was not chosen to be on the top of the mountain?   Why weren’t they able to walk freely during the day without having to worry about being eaten?

In taking a deeper look, this group has something that most of the fast and fierce counterparts will never get to experience.  Their key to survival is …large numbers.   For the cute and cuddly pack, evolution has provided a slight hidden gem.  If a large enough of them can work together then they just might have a fighting chance.

Nature has a funny way of teaching all of us a huge lesson along the way.  Regardless of what pack you are born into there is always a way for survival.   Some might want to walk through life solo, while others do better in groups that encourage support and assurance of safe passage. 

The most important  lesson that needs to be understood is embracing where your strengths are best utilized.  Remember to a mouse, the average house cat can be fast & fierce.


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