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EnvivaCor Keep It Clean " No Touch Tool"


We are excited to showcase our newest product. The EnvivaCor Keep It Clean "No Touch tool"  It's versatile, encouraged to be used daily, and made from antimicrobial brass. You can easily us our "No Touch Tool at ATM's, Restrooms, Grocery Stores, and on all of your daily errands.

With the upcoming fall and winter months ahead this this the perfect "No Touch Tool" to have by your side.

• Made with Brass "A natural Antimicrobial"
• Lightweight and handy each time you leave the house
• Wonderful gift idea for all family members
• Do your part to keep others safe

-Material: brass (65% copper, 35% zinc)

-Dimentions Size: 2.87″ × 1.25″ × 0.11″ (73 × 32 × 3 mm)
-Silver keyring (25 mm) included in the product


Size guide

Length (inches) 2 ⅞
Width (inches) 1 ¼
Height (inches)

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