For too long the small guy has not been winning.  We have been trapped by being told that our thoughts, feelings, and ambitions are not important.  We are told that we must follow the status quo to succeed in this world. That millennials & Generation Xer’s are lazy, unmotivated, and we want the world handed to us.


What happens when you are told to conform?  Your uniqueness disappears and you become just a grain of sand in the playground.  At EnvivCor we understand that in order for the kids to play in the sand box, that each individual granule must be present.


We must all stay connected, so as a whole, all the children can play.  Regardless of how insignificant the world makes you feel, the truth is that -You Matter. You bring an edge to our sandbox, you bring a wealth of tested paths, and all of our experiences as a whole, are what fills this sandbox to the brim.


Our hope is that when you are feeling down and out that you can look at yourself in the mirror and say with 100% confidence that, “You Matter”