What do you see?

With the world going through turmoil many are faced with tough situations. Some are without income, others are bored to death, while certain industries are overworked to brink of exhaustion. In one way or another this has a domino effect on everyone in the world.

You can’t run from the events that are happening, but how you navigate the waters will be the ultimate test of time. 

We have a list of 5 objectives anyone can incorporate into their daily life that will help silence the noise. 

On the surface they may seem elementary but by combining these five ingredients into your quarantine cake you will be on the way to seeing the glass half full.

1) Get creative.

Remember when you were in high school and wanted to purchase a shirt from your favorite brand, save for your first car, or movie tickets? You wanted something but were limited on time and lack of experience in the job market. What you did back then was get creative on how to accomplish your goal.

Do you have skill that can be done from home? Grab a piece of paper and make a list of 5 things that you enjoy doing as a hobby and see if there is any way that you can make money from it. Freelance work is a great way to make passive income. 

2) Be resourceful.

At one point in life you may have been the person that liked to eat out 5-7 times per week. Now most of the eateries are closed or only offering take out. If your income has been hit during this time, now you must find other alternatives.

Hint Hint: We still have the internet 😊 Search some recipes online, have the groceries delivered, and get to cooking. Try to make some new dishes that you may have never tried in the past. If you have children at home, instead of having them play video games all day, get them to help make some yummy foods with you. It will make the perfect bonding time for your family.

3) Exercise.

Gyms and parks are closed but that’s no reason for you to throw your hands up and not exercise. On the contrary it’s the perfect time to try some online workouts.

With the gyms being closed many personal trainers have turned to online workouts, this will make them easy to find with a simple internet search.Plus in the time of a health crisis you will be able to,  keep your immune system at optimal levels,  gain relief from some stress in your life, and increase your sex drive. Now is the time to get the body that you have always wanted, and you really can do it all from your home.


4) Reconnect with lost friends and loved one's

Being forced to be at home for long period of time is the perfect chance to reconnect with people. The human connection is one of the strongest bonds found in nature. Pick up the phone or hop on a quick video call with people that you have lost contact with.

Before life was too busy with work, kids’ soccer games, planning vacations, and all sorts of other distractions. With those not being an issue right now, take this moment to reach out and say hello. You might be delightfully surprised at the response you get on the other end of the phone

5) Stay Optimistic.

Now more than ever in our lifetimes  to date, this is the scariest stretch of time that we can remember. Many are truly afraid of what’s to come and that anxiety if not taken seriously can be harmful. We must support one another and lean on each other for comfort.

You have the chance to become a beacon for someone.  The light in the mist of the storm just by sharing your experience and some kind words of encouragement. 

 We are stuck in isolation with the media being the only way that we can get access to information. With all the negative in the world, we challenge you to take a step back and look at all the good present in your life. Here is the simple way to accomplish this. Each day when you wake up, find 3 things that you aret be grateful for.  For example,   

1) We are grateful for each of one of you 2) We are grateful for having a platform that allows us to share a positive message 3) Lastly, we are grateful in having the hope that you will continue to find optimism in a world that currently is bombarding us with negativity. 

If you connect with our message, please feel free to share it with a loved one or with a complete stranger.  



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