EnvivaCor:We prioritize comfort

There are two types of people; one who likes to wear things which makes them good whether the things give them comfort or not and the second ones are opposite, they like to wear and dress things that makes them feel comfortable.

. They don’t strive to look fabulous rather they concentrate on their inner comfort and peace. Everyone is beautiful in their own way. We can never say that type one is better than the second or vice versa. But having different types and different interests require different needs. There are some platforms which can satisfy both the types but they are less in number and aren’t that good because they are not focused on one thing.

 At EnvivaCor we are here to help the second kind of people. The second kind of people is mostly the inward thinkers. Those who like to live in their own world. They don’t like much people and drama going on near them. Small chats and talks are mostly preferred by them. They don’t usually follow the fashion trends so finding a good place to shop is quite difficult for them. EnvivaCor  is a brand designed for the inward warriors to give them their personal comfort and peace without any worries.

People usually think that fashion is wearing stuff that is in the market. It is a misconception that those who don’t follow the trends can’t do fashion. This is totally wrong. Everyone has their unique sense of fashion which is good until and unless it is not awkward. Introverts usually don’t like to wear things that gain people’s attention. They like to stay in their home or interact with people like them. They hang out with their novel and a cup of hot chocolate or coffee.

What is the comfort? We usually think that comfort is lying down in bed or sleeping. That is the comfort too but actually, it is the state in which you are not feeling any pain, you are at the maximum ease. The ease includes both physical and mental state. You cannot say you are feeling comfortable if you are not happy from the inside. If you are feeling distressed from the inside you are not comfortable no matter you are sleeping or having a lot of rest.

Your clothes and other things that you wear have a great impact on your mind. They can either give you comfort or make you miserable. Let’s just take an example, you wear beautiful heels that make you classy but they also hurt your feet at the same time. The heels are useless as they are not comfortable for your feet. Introverts are the kind of people who pay more attention to comfort than looking beautiful wearing things that are not appropriate.

EnvivaCor is the fashion brand who pays a lot of attention on customer satisfaction and comfort. We focus on introverts and our collections are full of things that are up to their mark. We have an online store so you don’t even have to go to the shop to buy things. You are just a step far from buying super amazing things that will give you ultimate comfort.

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